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Story of Omega

Bakers Basco Limited was formed in 2006 with the sole purpose of buying, managing and policing a new basket throughout the bread industry the Omega Basket. The aim of Basco is to make the Omega the standard means of delivering bread to retailers and wholesalers for the entire industry. The bakers involved in forming the joint venture are; Allied Bakeries, Hovis, Fine Lady Bakeries, Frank Roberts & Sons and Warburtons.
Tesco implemented the Omega throughout it’s estate to simplify their replenishment process in addition to benefits to the consumer such as easier identification of products. Furthermore with a standard basket in circulation through it’s recovery procedures BASCO will endeavour to reduce the amount of losses within the industry as a whole, by limiting the amount of trays which are currently lost through land-fill and abuse.

  • Bakers BASCO Limited offers the same services, products and charging mechanisms to all within the industry as that which is applied to the founding bakers.
  • The 10 loaf Omega Basket was designed with a one stop merchandising solution in mind.
  • Basco owns all Omega equipment and manages nationwide pooling of Omega equipment for various customers throughout the industry.
  • Today just under 3,000,000 Omega Baskets are in circulation.
  • Basco’s scheme is open to all bakers who can meet the specified criteria.


Historically Attrition has been a tremendous issue to the industry. Baskets and Dollies have been abused for numerous years with rates ranging between 40 and 100% incurring considerable costs for all bakers.
In readiness for Omega Equipment being used throughout the industry Basco formed a dedicated Asset Recovery Division.
Tough measures are being taken against anyone found to have unauthorised bread baskets and other equipment, abusers potentially face fines and prosecution