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Types of services
Bakers BASCO Limited provides its customers with a User Licence granting the use of BASCO equipment, namely the Omega Bread Baskets and Dollies. BASCO is open to any baker to enter into the model. The licence permits the User to despatch the relevant amount of produce in BASCO equipment to its customer base. BASCO defines an operational algorithm to calculate the quantity any user must apply to their licence, currently based on a weekly turn rate of 1.3. Dollies are calculated on a ratio proportionate to the amount of baskets used the ratio currently being 1 to 8. Users are charged for their licence per piece of equipment. In addition to the initial provision and management, BASCO is responsible for the replacement of assets through attrition (damage/ loss).
Each time a basket is dispatched Users are charged a usage fee. Users are not charged usage for Dollies. BASCO uses monies received from usage to pay for the replacement of equipment within the Users’ pool. The objectives of BASCO are to provide a single solution for the baking industry and to reduce the average shrinkage rate collectively.

Omega Criteria

  • Provision of Auditable Data to Basco specification
  • Washing Facilities or via third party
  • Third Party Compliance of customer base
  • Two third party credit references

Operation Specification - Criteria a potential user must be able to meet
Third Party Compliance - Compliance document for third parties potential users may operate with